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Want to Meet Some Success Stories?
Lori - Online Business Owner

"I wish I had learned this SOONER!"

5 weeks in the program Lori got $10,000 in client commits to her services, after over a year of TRYING to build her online business and never being able to bring in more than a few hundred dollars per month.

Griffin - Strength Trainer

"This was profound and life changing."

Griffin was able to put together a program that he was able to command 10x what he was charging before and put the structures in place to scale his business through virtual training, so he was not limited to a physical location.

Amanda - Health/Wellness Coach

"I totally up-leveled myself!"

Amanda had spent months marketing her coaching business at $150 per client - working through social media, webinars, and content marketing strategies - and got ZERO clients.  After 8 weeks in our Sh*t You Don't Learn in College program she started enrolling clients at $2500 per client.

Drew - Media Production

"Gave my life a sense of purpose in pursuing my passion."

Drew was in a 9-5 in IT support and felt bored, lost, unfulfilled and unmotivated.  We helped him clarify his passion and purpose and design and launch his business in the media production space to break out of his life of monotony.

Nicole - Life Coach

Nicole now enrolls clients at $5000, when people would tell her $300 was too much before.

"I had been trying to be a self employed life coach for the last 4 or 5 years...  I could have saved myself a lot of time and went straight to Zander to learn how to bring all of this into a concrete form to transform lives.  In one month, halfway through the program, I made TRIPLE the money I had ever made in a month. Now I am financially free and I can really change lives while being supported doing so."

Daibory - Talent Management

"I'm now moving forward to the life I always wanted."

Daibory was in tech sales and was overworked, and over stressed.  Through our program she got clarity around what she wanted to do with her life and launched TWO businesses she was passionate about - one in health/wellness and one managing up and coming artists.  Now she has moved back across the country to be with her family and partner and never has to work for a corporation again.

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